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Issue #7 of Digital Ethics just went live: robot tax, Google & the DoD, sensor panic, and more.

⚡️My latest newsletter on #digitalethics just went live.

This week we look at robot tax, Google & the DoD, sensor panic and a cool podcast. Enjoy and please spread the word. #newsletters #techvshuman #futurist thanks to @petervan 

Digital Ethics by Futurist Gerd Leonhard

Welcome to the seventh issue of our Digital Ethics Newsletter, a highly curated weekly collection of topics and opinions on Digital Ethics, and part of our continuing #TechVsHuman conversation.

In this week’s edition, we’ve added two new sections: ‘Societal Impact’ and ‘Governance’.

Increasingly we are seeing a new awareness about the ethical impact of new technologies on the future of work, and economic dynamics such as taxes. As everything becomes connected in a meta-intelligent cloud or global brain, governance needs to include a whole new set of parameters…

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