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Is AI Ethics now a mainstream topic? Five hints from Forbes

Forbes Insights just published five posts summarizing some of the latest developments in AI Ethics.

“The growing marketplace for AI ethics” post gives a good overview of the main organizations developing frameworks for AI Ethics. Under “Can AI Help Companies Do The Right Thing?”, the authors list a number of use cases applying AI to effect behavioural change and for auditing of financial/ethical frameworks.

Workers' AI-related anxiety is addressed, as well: “The No. 1 source of worker anxiety is around ensuring the relevance of their skills… Reducing this concern is the ethically responsible thing to do.” And in the last of five posts, we found a good overview of governmental initiatives at country level: a series of initiatives, exploratory efforts, and proposed bills and regulatory measures. In short, a good overview of the latest trends and initiatives.

Guest post by The Futures Agency content curator Petervan

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