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Mark Zuckerberg And The Tech World Still Do Not Understand Ethics

Derek Lidow writes a great piece for Forbes, Mark Zuckerberg And The Tech World Still Do Not Understand Ethics.

Here's an excerpt:

“Expectations for technology startups encourage expedient, not ethical, decision making. As people in the industry are fond of saying, the tech world moves at “lightspeed.” That includes the pace of innovation, the rise and fall of markets, the speed of customer adoption, the evolution of business models and the lifecycles of companies. Decisions must be made quickly and leaders too often choose the most expedient path regardless of whether it is safe, legal or ethical…

This “move fast and break things” ethos is embodied in practices like working toward a minimum viable product (MVP), helping to establish a bias toward cutting corners. In addition, many founders look for CFOs who are “tech trained—that is, people accustomed to a world where time and money wait for no one—as opposed to a seasoned financial officer with good accounting chops and a moral compass.”

You can read the complete article, here.






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