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New Podcast: how to humanise the IoT (Internet of Things); Chapter 5 of Gerd’s book Technology vs Humanity

Here is our next podcast based on chapter-5 of Gerd's book Technology vs Humanity : the Internet of Inhuman things? (Peter Van and Gerd Leonhard).

This week we covered topics like responsible ecosystems and supply chains, and planning for externalities and unintended consequences. We also discussed what kind of governance will be needed to actually implement ethical principles: this will most probably require a public not-for-profit organization with a co-operative structure. As soon as any object becomes connective and cognitive, it becomes smart. This type of smartness needs to be governed and regulated as it operates at the level of a new meta-intelligence.

Download the MP3 (36MB): gerd and peter chapter 5 TVH IoT Inhuman

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