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New podcast! Technology vs Humanity Chapter 6: From Magic to Manic to Toxic.

Here is our next podcast based on chapter-6 of my book Technology vs Humanity, entitled ‘From Magic to Manic to Toxic'. It features The Future's Agency Peter Van and me, Gerd Leonhard.

This week Peter and I covered the emotional and intellectual manipulation by algorithmic systems that lead to a new kind of dehumanization. The distinction between the tool and us – aka. the purpose for the tool – is shrinking, and this creates an inescapable vortex of dependence.

We are on our way to becoming technology ourselves because these technologies are soon going to be as vital to us as breathing. It is our belief that this is a line we should not cross if not we are destined to become technology ourselves.

You can download the podcast MP3 here.

Here are some of our key quotes from the podcast:

  • Magic moments are everywhere now.
  • Technology is neither good nor bad; it simply is.
  • I believe that abundance will eventually cause the collapse of capitalism.
  • Super-humanity is within reach – but will it make us happy?
  • On the 100-point scale of what could be digitized, we are only at five.
  • Don’t make toxic the new normal.

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