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New Podcast! Chapter 7: The Digital Obesity Pandemic

Here is our latest podcast based on Chapter 7 of Gerd's best-selling book Technology vs Humanity

(Now available in 11 languages!)

This week Peter and I covered the topic of digital obesity. We define this as being a mental and technological condition in which data, information, media, and general digital connectedness are being accumulated to such an extent that they are certain to have a negative effect on health, well-being, happiness, and life in general. Our discussion was based on the food analogy. It is not only important when you eat – which is more a matter of discipline – but also what and how much you eat. It's the same with your time spent digitally aka online: you could choose junk data, or you could choose intellectually challenging content. You may develop sensitivities about where your data comes from, and how the data was processed.

In short, you are what you (eat) i.e. consume online.

You can download the podcast MP3 here.

Here are some of our key quotes from the podcast:

  • A tsunami of data is coming
  • We are drowning in a sea of apps
  • Our biggest challenge? Abundance on the outside, scarcity on the inside
  • Nothing will remain unobserved for very long

Gerd wrote about this topic in 2014 already – check out this piece in FastCompany:

02.25.14 How Tech Is Creating Data “Cravability,” To Make Us Digitally Obese

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One of my previous posts: How Tech Is Creating Data “Cravability,” To Make Us Digitally Obese

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