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This Is How AI Is Redefining Love: a rather scary read via Medium

This Is How AI Is Redefining Love was a great think piece from Medium this week:

“By 2020, DNA dating and VR dating will remove the last vestiges of unpredictability from love. In DNA dating, People will use their DNA, big data and artificial intelligence to create their Perfect Dates with max compatibility. Their Personal Dating Avatars will find, diagnose and transact to make sure your date candidate is not a psycho. Next, there will be sentiment and behavioral analysis, along with a compatibility check for lifestyle, economics, culture, and values.

Then, the Intimacy Diagnostic created with all the above parameters will be evaluated. If the diagnostic is compatible, you meet and take the relationship forward. Else just abort and move on. On the other hand, VR or Virtual reality dating focuses more on the experience of meeting people in real life.”

Ross Dawson, Chairman, Future Exploration Network says. “There’s a big gap still between your image or profile-based dating and just meeting someone in real life — we still meet people in real life, but we still have Tinder, eHarmony, and your profile-based matching. So what we need to do is fill the gap in between, because so many times after seeing photos, reading each other’s profiles, etc., it’s a totally different experience when you meet in real life.”

Which brings us to Virtual Reality Dating — a way to be able to connect, to be able to see what it’s like to be with somebody and chat, interact, without actually being physically there. And that’s when you can decide whether to go out on a real date – because then, and only then, will you be sure it’s worth your time and your safety to go out on a real physical date.

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