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Why Telefonica’s New Digital Deal is big news

Guest post by The Futures Agency content curator Petervan

In 2018, Spain's biggest telco Telefonica released its “New Digital Deal“, a manifesto towards a human-centric digitalization. It's fair to say that here at The Futures Agency, we liked it. A lot.

We wholeheartedly applaud this manifesto. (You can read the full version, here.) It's an encouragement to any company that's trying to think beyond profit and growth and get serious about kickstarting the digital ethics conversation, providing inspiration on how to take the first step. If we could only package this sentiment into some even more exciting and rallying format (like the original 1984 Apple Macintosh commercial) we may just be on the verge of mobilizing a real corporate movement for digital ethics.

Telefonica has some great creatives working for them. The video is extremely well produced, and packed with memes that are actually pretty close to the key messages in Gerd's book “Technology vs. Humanity.”

Here are some similar themes that we noticed:

  • From an era of change, to a change of era.
  • A new digital deal that puts humans at the heart of evolving technology.
  • A deal that leaves no one behind.
  • Contributing to societies.
  • A deal that ensures that organizations use technology responsibly.
  • Giving individuals transparency about their data.
  • Making the decision of AI and algorithms accountable, and modernizes our policies and institutions.
  • Establishing a digital bill of rights, so that innovation can flourish for the good of humankind.

Great work Telefonica.

Everyone else: start your engines!








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