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How efficient is your love? When AI beats Cupid ( in India) is an Indian company taking dating and relationships to its next level!

Ravi Shankar Rajan wrote an interesting post on how AI is redefining love and making it brutally effective: “Today finding love is no longer determined by what’s going on in our lives, or by our networks. Serendipity and instinct aren’t as heavily relied on with the rise of online dating. People are leaning on the speed, vast candidate pool, and convenience of machine algorithms to find a mate.”

“ is not for dating, but a serious partner search product that does not go by the usual parameters of height, weight, complexion, caste, religion, and hobbies to arrive at a match. Compatibility scores thrown up by our advanced AI algorithm are based on relationship dimensions, that help working professionals find relevant matches.” What if I am not a working professional? Efficient love means that your personality is reduced to 6 dimensions: Values, Relationship, Emotional, Intellectual, Physical and Social.”

“These dimensions don’t reveal anything about my secrets, my little quirks, my irritations, etc. Dating is becoming a signalling and matching business of virtues. Next step will be an app to invite your husband/spouse for the annual love-efficiency appraisal meeting: “Honey, let’s look at your objectives and KLI’s (Key Love Indicators) and how well you performed against this.”

Several of the founders have been trained at MIT and Harvard, and they expose the typical Silicon Valley belief and enthusiasm in technology:

“And AI will revolutionize the way we find our possible significant others and ultimately help us choose the right one. From our sleeping and exercise patterns to financial habits, everything can be controlled, monitored and predicted with astonishing accuracy.”

I have no doubt the founders have good intentions, especially in an Indian context of pre-arranged marriages:

“We at are committed to moving beyond this sexist and patriarchal agenda and providing a unique platform for people to find life partners. We believe there is more to marriage than just finding a ‘beautiful wife’ or a ‘rich husband’. India needs more young men and women who are in happy and secure relationships so that they can be productive in their careers and improve the world we live in.”

But what’s next? DNA dating and VR dating, removing the last vestiges of unpredictability from love? That’s a pity, as unpredictability is precisely what makes dating and relationships exciting. Indeed, where is the romance in all this? The seducing, the excitement, the dreaming, the physical contact, the touch, the warmth, the eye contact, and more.

Should we allow AI to redefine what true love is?


Guest post by The Futures Agency content curator Petervan

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