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Meet Futurist Gerd Leonhard at SIBOS 2019 in London: Innotribe debate with Brad Templeton on September 24th 2019 #techvshuman

More details on SIBOS 2019 and this event: here and here.

Fast-forward into the future

A central attraction of Tuesday’s ‘Technology and Humanity’ theme is a morning session co-hosted by technology visionaries Gerd Leonhard and Brad Templeton. Guided by the credo ‘people, planet, purpose and prosperity’, Leonhard – an Innotribe veteran – collaborates with governments and companies globally on ways technology can support rather than replace people. Templeton has been at the heart of internet-based innovation since the dawn of the era, founding ground-breaking businesses such as Clairnet, establishing academic faculties and advocating civil rights in cyberspace. While writing and researching widely, a key current focus is automated transport, including development work for Google on self-driving cars.

Have a look at what I did at SIBOS 2016… The Future Show in its humble beginnings







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