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I will ensure that everything I invent, enable and sell increases HUMAN FLOURISHING, first and foremost – we need a Hippocratic oath for technologists

We need a Hippocratic oath for technologists and technology companies !

"I will ensure that everything I invent, enable and sell is designed to increase COLLECTIVE HUMAN FLOURISHING" has a good read on this – from 2009! (pic via wired, as well)



Technology vs Humanity - check out the book!

... this concept was already presented in my book Technology vs Humanity, albeit without the hippocratic angle:)

“We need to start asking why and who, not just if or how. Future strategic decisions about the development and deployment of technology should be more about sense-making, context, purpose, meaning, and relevance than simply focusing on feasibility, cost, scale, profits, and contributions to growth. The how question must be replaced by the why. We should not let Silicon Valley, technologists, the military, or investors become mission control for humanity—no matter what country they are in. Those who fund, create, and sell exponential technologies are unlikely to be the ones who will want to curb their power or scale of potential applications. Those who build machines for war will not be those who will focus on human happiness. Those who invest in disruptive technologies to generate hundredfold returns will not be the ones who will invest in constructing the future of truly human societies for a collective benefit. Those that build the tools have their own agenda, and it’s mostly about monetization and power—so where in the decision-making process is the representation of those that use the tools…”

Leonhard, Gerd. Technology vs. Humanity: The coming clash between man and machine (FutureScapes) (Kindle Locations 2799-2807). Fast Future Publishing. Kindle Edition.




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