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Join us April 9, 5pm Sydney: The Future of Work – the Great Transformation. Free online conference with Futurists Ross Dawson, Shara Evans, Gerd Leonhard


Join us April 9 9am CET: The Future of Work - the Great Transformation.

Free online conference with Futurists Ross Dawson, Shara Evans, Gerd Leonhard

The world ‘after Corona’ will be dramatically different, and the way we work, when, where and why is changing forever.

Join 3 of the world’s top futurists to discuss the Future of Work: Ross Dawson (Sydney), Shara Evans (AUS/USA) and Gerd Leonhard (Zurich).  SIGN UP HERE (we’re using as our platform) April 9 8am CET,   5:00 pm in Sydney and Melbourne (AEST), 2 pm in Perth (AWST) – check your local time zone!

Themes: economic impact of the crisis, remote/distributed work, the changing role of offices, skills and capabilities that will be required, how to tap into our unique human capabilities, well-being and working remotely, the future of education and learning, and many more.

Each speaker will present for 7 minutes, followed by debate, q&a with the audience, live guests, polls +++. The event will be live-streamed on my Youtube channel. The show is free but seats are limited so… sign up asap.

UPDATE: this event is almost booked-ip; if you can’t get in please watch it LIVE on YOUTUBE.

Questions to be debated

How long will this crisis take – what can we expect for 2020, and beyond?
What should we be doing right now to survive and prosper in this new world?
How will our work habits change, going forward?

Which jobs are likely to go away, and which ones are likely to boom?
Where and what are the next 100 Million jobs (70% of all new jobs haven’t even been invented yet?)

Which industries will be slow to come back (or won’t, at all), and which ones are likely to offer the best opportunities, quickly?
What kind of skills will I need in this post-corona world? What about Leadership?

How will education and the role of learning change?
How will geopolitics change, and how will that impact our own lives, and work?
How will we differentiate in a world that is increasingly virtual?

How will the over economics of work change (i.e. how and when we get paid, for what)
What can we expect in terms of the next global crisis (AI, climate change etc)?
What kind of technology skills (as well as tools) do we need to get to be ready for this world?


About Shara Evans

Technology Futurist Shara Evans is a globally acknowledged Keynote Speaker and widely regarded as one of the world’s Top Female Futurists. Fusing her engineering background with an intuitive understanding of how society is likely to respond to new technologies, Shara weaves the implications of technology innovations into powerful narratives that can be applied to every industry.

“We’re living in a time of massive changes to our society, which are impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, geopolitical events, population growth, climate change and rapidly accelerating technological advancements. On top of this is the convergence of medical research and technology – where we’re on the cusp of humans not only living much longer than we do today, but also being enhanced by technology. In this online conference Shara will share some of the new job categories on the near-term horizon, and start you thinking about the skill sets required for these jobs, as well as providing thought provoking insights and a roadmap for kick-starting the transition process in your firm.


About Ross Dawson

Ross Dawson is globally recognized as a leading futurist, entrepreneur, keynote speaker, strategy advisor, and bestselling author. He is Founding Chairman of four companies: international consulting and ventures firm Advanced Human Technologies, futures think-tank Future Exploration Network, leading events company The Insight Exchange, and online start-up Repyoot.


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