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Why we need to look beyond face-to-face meetings and conferences, NOW

???? Covid19 is eviscerating the travel industry

VC Max Niederhofer says:

“Travel is by most measures the largest market globally, a testament to human curiosity and thirst for adventure and experiences. In 2019 Skift estimates there were 1.3 billion departures with an estimated $2.9 trillion total spend – the largest travel and tourism year on record. 

Travel is super-correlated with the business cycle. It’s what consumers spend money on when there’s discretionary income to spare, but it’s also the first big ticket item that gets cut in a downturn. Travel is also highly susceptible to external shocks: war, political instability, trade disputes, terrorism, and disease. The industry was generally projecting around 3% growth this year. That doesn't sound huge, but it's about 40 million additional departures, or about $60 billion in spend. The ongoing spread of COVID19 – as small as it currently is relative to influenza – means not only will there not be growth, but we're likely facing a year unlike any other that the industry has faced before.

???? Corporate meetings and conferences are being cancelled everywhere – and this will not change anytime soon

A recent GBTA poll – and that's 4 weeks ago!
The Coronavirus has the Potential to Jeopardize the Global Business Travel Industry
Via ZDnet
Via TheVerge
I sure hope that this will NOT be the future of keynoting !

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