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Here are the videos, audio, images and polls from our live debate: Humanist vs Transhumanist

Read more about this event here. My Futures Agency colleague and fellow futurist Calum Chace disagrees with me on many of my core messages on topics such as the singularity(trans)-humanismartificial intelligence and what I call  ‘man+machine futures’.

Calum Chace (the transhumanist) is a global keynote speaker and best-selling writer about the future impact of AI. His best-known books on AI are Surviving AI and The Economic Singularity. More at

Some of the topics we covered:
1) Humans are not just data (Gerd) vs. Organisms are algorithms (Calum)
2) We should transcend technology not humanity (Gerd) vs. We should transcend human limitations (Calum)
3) What is important is our humanity (Gerd) vs What is important is our minds (Calum)
4) We should follow the precautionary principle to govern exponential technological change (Gerd) vs If a technology solves a big problem we should adopt it unless we can confidently forecast significant harm (Chalum)

Edited Version of Zoom LiveStream
Only Gerd's part of the show

Download this file via GoogleDrive aka GerdCloud

Youtube Live Stream Version

Download the Video and Audio Files via Wetransfer

The audio-only / podcast version (low res)

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Some context from the comments and chats:


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