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Must-watch summary of US congress hearing on tech regulation #digitalethics (via TheVerge)

Finally some tough questions from US Congress. Watch this video!

“CEOs of Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google testified before Congress in the tech antitrust hearing. Lawmakers squared off with the chief executives of the tech industry’s four most powerful players. Even though each company is under antitrust scrutiny for different reasons, the committee used this week’s hearing to point out similarities between all four, making the case for future regulatory reform…” Learn more (The Verge):

Here's my youtube playlist on Digital Ethics and Tech Regulation

Ethics is what defines us (not tech)

From my book

1) Embrace technology but don’t become it. Radical human augmentation via technological means will be a downgrade not an upgrade. Technology is exponential but humans are linear (and should remain so)

2) Whatever can be digitized, automated and virtualized, will be – and anything that cannot be digitized or automated will become extremely valuable (i.e. our uniquely human qualities).

3) Exponential technological change is #hellven (heaven and hell at the same time). Will we be tool-makers or tool-made?

4) Technology does not have ethics but our society depends on them. Just because we can does not mean we should.

Tech is not WHAT we seek....

5) Technology is not what we seek but how we seek: the tools should not become the purpose. Yet increasingly, technology is leading us to ‘forget ourselves’.

6) Efficiency should never become more important than humanity, because not everything that can be automated, should be – and happiness cannot be automated.

7) Humanity will change more in the next 20 years than the previous 300 years (yes, seriously). It’s time to decide what we want to be.

8) To safeguard humanity’s future, we must invest as many resources in human happiness and the continued flourishing of humanity as we do in developing new tools and technologies. Exponential technologies need exponential humanity; every great algorithm needs a great androrithm!

9) We are at the pivot point of exponential and combinatorial technological evolution: all around us, science fiction is becoming science fact – and the future will increasingly arrive gradually then suddenly. We need to proceed with a very wise combination of precaution and pro-action.

10) The immediate future clearly is all about technology yet the bigger future lies in transcending it



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