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IPSOS 2021 Global Advisor Predictions (some good stats and food for thought)

This report was just released and the results are quite interesting, Check out my highlights and comments below.

“After a 2020 that is rated as the worst year for some time, people around the world are looking forward to 2021 for their country, their families and themselves, according to a new Ipsos' Global Advisor poll in 31 countries. However, worries about the long-term impact of COVID-19 are prevalent, and concerns about global warming, the economy, and general tolerance of others have not gone away….”

Updated with my own adaptations of the most essential IPSOS charts (January 20, 2021)

Very interesting: huge optimism in China, India, Saudi…and only half of that in Europe
77% believe 2021 will be better — that's encouraging!
The USA and Saudi are the biggest doubters of climate change – go figure!
If there ever was a strange concoction of questions…. this would be it!
Turkey and India lead the category of believers….. wow!
Malaysia, India, Singapore… techno enthusiasm prevails?
France… la grande exception :)))
So if many of us believe this is true… why is there no action? And note the USA last:(
I guess it's fair to say Europeans aren't optimists 😉 And France wins again.
Wow… shall I laugh or cry?





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