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Here is different kind of Gerd-Video: a close-up and personal conversation about #TheGoodFuture


Special Premiere

This is a very special video shot in my living room here in Zurich / Switzerland, in a very personal and more intimate setting. In a conversation with my producer Rob Holub I reflect on the theme of my next film (which will be shot in beautiful Lanzarote / Canary Island in May this year) called THE GOOD FUTURE, such as:

What kind of methods do I use to find and formulate my key foresights, and how do I ‘come back from the future’? Why do I think that the future is a MINDSET not a time-frame? Why are we at the pivot point of exponential change; why is NOW so different, and why will the next 10 years bring more change than the previous 100 years? Who will define what GOOD actually is? How will we agree on how to design ‘the good future’? If capitalism as we know it is unfit for the future failing us, what are the alternatives?

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A slave to the markets

Most public companies today cannot escape the ‘growth at all costs’ dogma of the stock markets driven by short-term thinking. This is how we got into the Facebook dilemma that has now proven to be so detrimental to our democracies, as I laid out 3 years ago, here on this blog. Because of this narrow focus on GDP-growth and corporate profits, it is entirely possible – and in fact, considered ‘normal’ – to make oodles of money doing things that are detrimental to society. In fact, every time Facebook is ordered to pay a steep penalty for privacy and data violations, data-breaches or worse, their stock goes up. Read more on this new blog


Today’s technology is moving faster than ever. It continues to evolve at a rapid pace and open up to what’s happening next. New game-changers such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), new human-machine interfaces (such as voice-control and intelligent bots) can lead transformation and bring new opportunities to business. With the current wave of change, companies may need to think outside the box and leverage rapid advancements to benefit today and in the future. More details here…

This is an excerpt of my keynote on the future of technology and business at the CSCMP / Tesisquare Round-Table on Feb 25 2021

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some scenes from the filming

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