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My highlights on Accenture’s report “Digital and Sustainability Investments Could Add Millions of Jobs to EU Economy”

I quite liked this new Accenture report – have a look at my shared findings.

“The report, “Europe’s new dawn – Reinventing industry for future competitiveness,” shows that although Europe was keeping pace with other regions from a growth and market share standpoint pre-pandemic, the trajectory has since diverged. European businesses now expect their recovery from the pandemic to take at least six months longer than companies in Asia-Pacific and North America expect their own recoveries to take.” Read more on

“According to the report, which includes a survey conducted with 700 C-level executives across Europe, technology investment should be focused on artificial intelligence, mentioned by 66% of the respondents, 5G and 6G (58%), cloud (52%) and next generation-batteries (34%). When asked to identify high-growth areas, “smart manufacturing” was cited by more European business leaders (55%) than any other areas, followed by “digital health” (50%), “smart mobility” (46%) and “energy transition” (33%).” Via Business wire

“The accelerated investment in both digitalization and sustainability — which the report refers to as the “Twin Transformation” — could boost net job creation by up to 5.7 million by 2030 across the region compared to the number that would be created if digital and sustainability investments



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