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Meet me October 15th, 2021 at the Fortune Greece CEO event(virtually)

Fortune Greece , in collaboration with the company Tsomokos , organizes on October 15 an exclusive workshop at KTIMA SEMELI in Nemea, exclusively for its strategic partners CEO Initiative, with the aim of exchanging best practices, creating meaningful links and identifying actions to be taken to address the challenges facing corporate leaders. We will discuss the main points of the CEO Initiative Forum to be held on November 23 in the UK, and we will co-shape the agenda, delving into four major challenges: Climate crisis, capitalism, technological change and human aid.” Read more (in Greek), at Fortune Greece.

“People, Planet, Purpose, Prosperity”: The climate crisis, capitalism, technological change and human futures are on the agenda of Greek CEOs at the CEO Initiative Forum workshop on October 15 in historic Nemea.

A big Ευχαριστώ (Efharisto) to Fortune Greece for the kind invitation to this Workshop where I'll be speaking about the future and the new four bottom lines: “People Planet, Purpose, Prosperity

In this context, please have a look at my new short-film “The Good Future”!

CEO Club Greece 2017 🙂 Seems like ages ago!





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