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Futurist Gerd Leonhard’s presentation for GerdTalks #6: Why and how Green is the new Digital

The Sustainability Revolution will be even bigger than the digital revolution. Why and how Big Blue (Tech) + Big Green + Big Human = Future.

We have finally reached the technological and societal pivot points (including Covid-19 and now, the utterly worrisome Ukraine/Russia conflict) quickly propelling us out of the fossil fuel age. Rapid and decisive decarbonization is on the agenda everywhere, and so is using exponential technologies such as AI, Deep Learning and the IoT to dramatically reduce pollution and overall inefficiencies in all sectors of our economies (traffic, transportation, food, construction, IT and many more).

In this talk, I explained why I think ‘Green is the new Digital' and what that means for the future of our economies, jobs & work, geopolitics, business and commerce as well as for our personal lives. The next 10 years will bring more change than the previous 100 years – and if you're not on this new ‘green everything / circular everything' agenda, you may find yourself outmoded and ignored by 2030.

This GerdTalks presentation was about 20 minutes long, followed by a q&a session using Youtube and LinkedIn chats / comments. We also tried a Mentimeter live-feeds for the first time. You can watch the video recording below or download it via Vimeo here.

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