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Why ‘Big Green’ is inevitable (New Futurist Gerd Video)

Why ‘Big Green' is inevitable: Cultured meat, 3D printed pizza and beyond.

This is #9 in my new WHY series launched in March 2022.

In this excerpt from my GerdTalks show on why / how GREEN IS THE NEW DIGITAL, I comment on the recent developments in regards to meat-from-the-lab aka cultured meat and vegan meat substitutes, which look set to become the new normal in the next few years. Really? Yes indeed, I have tasted ‘cultured meat' several times and imho it's virtually indistinguishable from ‘dead-animal' products such as hamburgers or sausages. I'm not a vegetarian (yet) but the future may well be ‘vegetarian' in the sense of animal protein not involving killing animals 🙂 What do think – please comment below or on social media using the #gerdtalks hashtag.

The sustainability revolution is here and this is one of the innovations making it possible. My fav scene is the pan-fried catfish replicator from Startrek.





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