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The fear of replacement by AI – Why humans will still have jobs (via Noah S

Generative AI: Autocomplete for everything? By Noah Smith

Snipping done by Gerd.

AI doesn’t take over jobs, it takes over tasks

“One thing everyone wants to know when thinking about technology and the future of work is what they’ll actually be doing for a living in the future. It’s not enough for economists to just wave their hands and say “Oh, we’ll find something for people to do.”

But although we can’t know for sure what the jobs of the future will look like, we can imagine how many of today’s creative jobs might change in the age of “autocomplete for everything”.

In recent months, those uneasy feelings have intensified, as investment and innovation in generative AI have exploded. A relatively new innovation in machine learning called diffusion models brought text-to-image generation to maturity. A wave of AI art applications like Midjourney and Stable Diffusion have made a huge splash, and Stability AI has raised $101 million. Meanwhile, Jasper, a company that uses AI to generate written content, raised $125 million. In an era when much of the tech industry seems to be down in the dumps, AI is experiencing a golden age. And this has lots of people worried.

As Noah likes to say: “Dystopia is when robots take half your jobs. Utopia is when robots take half your job.”

Ultimately, though, we predict that lots of people will just change the way they think about individual creativity. Just as some modern sculptors use machine tools, and some modern artists use 3d rendering software, we think that some of the creators of the future will learn to see generative AI as just another tool – something that enhances creativity by freeing up human beings to think about different aspects of the creation”

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