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ChatGPT: AI is here, and it’s coming for your job ? (good read by Alex Mitchell)

via New York Post (made me think!)

“So promising are ChatGPT's capabilities that Microsoft — amid laying off 10,000 people — has announced a multiyear, multibillion-dollar investment in the revolutionary technology, which is growing smarter by the day.

And the rise of machines leaves many well-paid workers vulnerable, experts warn. “AI is replacing the white-collar workers. I don’t think anyone can stop that,” said Pengcheng Shi, an associate dean in the department of computing and information sciences at Rochester Institute of Technology. “This is not crying wolf,” Shi told The Post. “The wolf is at the door.”

From the financial sector to health care to publishing, numerous industries are vulnerable. But as AI continues its mind-blowing advancements, he maintains that humans will learn how to harness the technology… Certain jobs in sectors such as journalism, higher education, graphic and software design — these are at risk of being supplemented by AI…

Education – As it stands now, ChatGPT — currently banned in NYC schools — “can easily teach classes already,” Shi said. The tool would likely be most effective at the middle or high school level, he added, as those classes reinforce skills already established in elementary school.

Software engineering – Website designers and engineers responsible for comparatively simple coding are at risk of being made obsolete, Hegde warns. “I worry for such people. Now I can just ask ChatGPT to generate a website for me — any type of person whose routine job would be doing this for me is no longer needed.” Relatively uncomplicated software design jobs will be a thing of the past by 2026 or sooner….”

Journalism – “Copy editing is certainly something it does an extremely good job at. Summarizing, making an article concise and things of that nature, it certainly does a really good job,” he said, noting that ChatGPT is excellent at designing its own headlines.

One major shortcoming — salvation for reporters and copy editors, at least for now — is the tool’s inability to fact-check efficiently, he added.

Graphic design – In 2021, ChatGPT developer OpenAI launched another tool, DALL-E, which can generate tailored images from user-generated prompts on command. Along with doppelgangers such as Craiyon, Stable Diffusion, and Midjourney, the tool poses a threat to many in the graphic and creative design industries, according to Hegde.


Gerd adds: I'm not so sure I share this opinion. ChatGPT is really quite devoid of anything that goes beyond patterns and logic – and that is where most value comes from. Read my latest post on this.

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