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ChatGPT, The A.I. Revolution and our Future: Dov Baron talks to Peter Leyden & Gerd Leonhard

From Dov Baron's podcast “Leadership and Loyalty”

ChatGPT is an AI-powered chatbot that has taken the world by storm with its incredible human-like text generation capabilities. However, while AI has made massive progress in recent years, it still needs the crucial and most human ingredient of Experiential-Wisdom-Intelligence (E.W.I.).

The debate around A.G.I. (Artificial General Intelligence) is a crucial one, as it could unlock a brighter tomorrow, but it also poses a significant threat to humanity if not developed responsibly. Join the conversation and be part of the #ChatGPT revolution, where we explore the future of AI and its impact on society. Let's work together to create a future where AI and humans can coexist harmoniously.

That's the vast and intriguing road we're going down in part two as we explore the future of Artificial Intelligence and how much it will or will not change our reality. And is it the biggest threat to our future or, are we distracted by it and missing what matters?

Gerd Leonhard and Peter Leyden, guests for these two episodes, are two of the world's leading futurists who have shared the stage with many leaders in leadership and technology. Today, they are with us to as we consider future trends and the impact of A.G.I. and its impact on us all.

Listen to part 1:

  • ChatGPT, The A.I. Revolution and You
  • Mining for Meaning in The German Forest
  • Hitchhiker's Guide to Meaning
  • The A.I. 10X Global G.D.P. 
  • C-Sectioning the Future
  • Deep Fake
  • A.I. in 2030
  • Have We Crossed a Threshold and Gone Too Far
  • The Coming Rough Transition
  • Lessons From Buckminster Fuller about Human Advancements 
  • We Are at an Oppenheimer Moment
  • The Futurists Warnings

Listen to part 2:

The Future is Now: A New Global Paradigm

  • The Paradigm shifts of the 21st Century
  • Collapsing the Old Systems
  • Collapsing Tribalism in Favor of Collaboration: Can We Make It?
  • Coherence or Collapse
  • The New Global Paradigm
  • The Rise of Authoritarianism, Could It Be a Good Thing?
  • A.I. and Efficient Conflict
  • A World in Collective Therapy
  • The 3 Great Transitions of Our Time
  • The U.S.E.; Europe's Purpose Economy
  • Where to Look for The Next 1000 Unicorns
  • Klaus Schwab, Joseph Stalin, and Star Trek.
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