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My new film LookUpNow!

My new film LookUpNow has premiered on Youtube.

Here are some useful shortcuts to the key scenes

Two futures before us – heaven or hell?

Humanity's revolutionary leaps

Gerd Leonhard, the optimist, humanist, and futurist

AI as the guardian of our planet

2023's Big Bang of AI

Who is mission control for humanity before AI blows us up?

The Future of Life Institute's OPEN LETTER

Humanoid robots are coming – can they co-exist?

AI is relatively new, but how synthetic do we want our world to be?

We thought AI science fiction was 50 years away, but it's here now

What is real and what is fake?

98%of money goes to tech rather than natural capital

Our future is defined by wisdom, care, compassion, foresight, and purpose

Global AI governance committee for risk control, toxic information, etc.

— About the premiere and the film —-

Join me and Emmy-award-winning Director Chris Sean Nolan for the exclusive premiere of this exciting new docu-fiction film on AI and the future of humanity: LookUpNow. LuN is a thoughtful and riveting 24-minute film featuring Futurist Gerd Leonhard as host, guide and narrator, directed by Emmy-award winning producer Christopher Sean Nolan. It is the first episode in a series of films on AI and the future of humanity currently being developed by Gerd and Chris. In the film, Gerd proposes that we should embrace AI and harness its positive potentials while at the same time we must consider and address its negative side-effects and unintended externalities. We must use AI as a powerful tool but not let it become a purpose on its own. AI should be used to help us to bring about what Gerd calls #thegoodfuture, not to replace humans, or to whittle away what makes us human, or to enable a synthetic, machine-led society. LuN explains why we should welcome smart machines but not seek to build generally intelligent artificial entities (AGIs) – because with digital intelligences, it’s competence that matters, not consciousness (quoting Professor Stuart Russell).

Some screenshots are here on Flickr.)





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