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Gerd Leonhard on The Good Future -Video and highlights from a recent online keynote on the Future of the Professions

via Laurence Simons

This year, Laurence Simons celebrates their 35th anniversary. On October 10th, they gathered old and new friends together to celebrate their rich history and the exciting things to come. As part of this celebration, I was invited to share a keynote on AI and what I call “The Good Future“. 

Some highlights noted by my client (see link above)

  • Rapid change is being driven by three revolutions: Digital, sustainability and purpose revolutions.
  • One of the big changes we see right now pertains to AI. AI can be a powerful tool to help users find things. In legal and recruitment, important fact-checking, comparing information sources, and creating charts can all be done by AI. However, Gerd encourages us to question how much AI can actually do and what it could be capable of. 
  • We know that there are four domains of human intelligence, five of which are social, intellectual, emotional, kinaesthetic and logical. Machines only have logical intelligence. 
  • Our tasks, the commodity work, will be automated, but not our work, our jobs, and our livelihoods.
  • Take on a future mindset! The future mindset is about dealing less with data and information and much more with wisdom, tacit knowledge, and purpose. 

With this all in mind, what can we expect from the future? The future belongs to optimists, not people who believe nothing can be done. As optimists, we have to keep a few things in mind. Machines will get smarter, but we must protect what makes us human, including mistakes.

Efficiency is really for robots. Humans are much more malleable than that; we make mistakes, create, and invent. A machine should have competence but no consciousness, and if we don’t understand what a machine does and how it works, we should not adopt it. 

Stay tuned for my speech which was recorded at a later date – It's still being edited….






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