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NEW: Some of my videos are now available dubbed in Spanish, Portuguese and German. More languages coming soon!

Here are colección de doblajes españoles and Colecções de dublagens portuguesas

Many of my clients, fans, and friends have asked, “Gerd, why don't you have any videos dubbed in different languages”?

My faithful viewers (thank you very much, by the way), already know that just about all of my YouTube videos are subtitled in many languages, so I said, “Sure why not? Let's give it a go”!

AI has made it possible: I teamed up with the amazing people at and we are now rolling out many of my most important videos in a variety of languages, dubbed (but not lip-synched… sorry.)

Our first go at dubbing was in Chinese and Indonesian!

Watch the most recent Spanish and Portuguese dubbed videos – There are more on the way!





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