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Futurist Gerd Leonhard: The Next Ten Years – Key Insights from the IMI Masterclass in Dublin and Cork, Ireland, October 2023

via Irish Management Institute (PDF download). Link to IMI's site.

Two locations, two masterclass presentations, two Irish cities – Dublin on the 7th of October 2023 and Cork on the 9th of October. Gerd presented his insights on the next ten years hosted by the Irish Management Institute.

Shifting Industries and Paradigms – Gerd began by emphasizing that the future is not a simple extension of the present. Drawing parallels with the music industry, Gerd highlighted the drastic shift from selling records to the current era of streaming, where platforms like Spotify offer access to over 100 million songs. This evolution is a microcosm of broader transformations occurring in banking, tourism, and the automotive sector.

Such transformative shifts have become the norm, and Gerd's insights resonated strongly with changes IMI has seen as industries, organisations and leaders adapt and evolve to a changing world.

Environmental Concerns and Sustainable Solutions – Gerd spoke about the climate crisis, acknowledging the urgency of addressing climate change, and the role played by AI and biotechnology. While concerns exist, Gerd highlighted positive trends, such as the rise of renewable energy and advancements in fusion power. Fusion holds the promise of unlimited energy, potentially resolving one of humanity’s most pressing issues. However, he stressed the need for collaborative efforts to decouple GDP from emissions and create sustainable practices, a vitally important theme.

Future Optimism and Continuous Learning – Gerd's session concluded with a call to embrace technology without becoming it and to leverage the 4Ps – Planet, People, Purpose, and Prosperity – as the core of all future endeavours. Gerd urged the audience to invest in both technology and humanity and to think positively about possibilities, ask questions and cultivate the mindset needed to navigate the complex but exciting future ahead. As the world faces exponential opportunities and risks, he concluded by advocating a positive and imaginative approach to shaping the future… The future is not just about existing; it’s about how we use the tools at our disposal to shape a better tomorrow.

You can also listen to Gerd's masterclass speech in Cork, Ireland below (2 sections) – some slides from the event are embedded below.





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