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New video: Gerd’s keynote on The Good Future – AI and HI, at Capgemini’s Spark 2023 Event in California


In this super-wide screen presentation (I call this the super keynote format), I make my argument about why the future is better than we think, and how we can get there. You can scroll down and watch the whole thing below, or just go to Youtube, right now!

00:00 – Intro 03:14 – Yes, we can fix global warming – we have the money, and the tools – but the will? 05:48 – The three revolutions: digital, sustainable and purpose 10:41 – The Good Future? 14:24 – The convergence of HI (human intelligence) and AI (artificial intelligence) 20:24 – The new pyramid of work: human-only skills are the future! 25:28 – Reminder: Technology has no ethics 28:43 – Always keep the human in the loop 29:34 – The Millennials are taking over – get ready! 31:58 – We are moving from an emphasis on the economy to a focus on planet and climate 34:42 – A sustainable world is the biggest business opportunity in our lifetime 37:40 – AI: Pursue competence, not consciousness

This speech was dubbed by my team in three languages using the amazing – not perfect but pretty cool! You can watch it in German, Spanish, and Portuguese. If you don't have the time to watch my speech, you can also listen to it on SoundCloud, below (in English)

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