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How Public Thinker and Futurist Gerd Leonhard uses to dub his videos in other languages, and expand his global reach

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Inspiring a Multilingual Audience

Despite being a renowned expert with over 1,600 engagements in more than 50 countries, reaching a combined audience of over 2.5 million people, Leonhard’s vast community was built solely through his presence in English and sometimes German. Gerd has been searching for an efficient solution to break down language barriers so he can influence, inspire, and advise a much larger and more diverse audience. 

This meant finding a way to translate and dub his content into multiple languages and extending his reach beyond his native languages. Rask AI has made it possible for Gerd to dub his multitude of extensive videos, typically an hour long, for his YouTube channels. Using traditional means, it would have been impossible to dub this amount of content and deliver it consistently, both in terms of budget and human resources.

By utilizing Rask AI, Gerd has already localized his keynote presentations into various languages, including Polish, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Hindi, and Catalan. This helps him reach new language markets and allows people to discover his work in their native language.

The future is here. Technology is everywhere, we need to view it holistically, as a tool to enhance human capabilities and not replace them. Integrating AI, such as Rask.AI, into our lives allows us to spend more time on meaningful pursuits such as discovery, creativity, and imagination, creating a more inclusive and innovative future.


The following videos are all dubbed with

Spanish dub and my Spanish YouTube channel

Polish dub

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