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Gerd Leonhard is not your typical technology-centric future thinker. He pursues practical wisdom and foregoes techno-optimism in favour of progressive humanism. Gerd zeroes in on what the future holds for humanity, and how we can create what he calls “The Good Future”. EQ meets IQ as Gerd blends futurism with humanism, algorithms with androrithms, science with imagination, and business with art. Wired magazine lists Gerd as one of the top 100 most influential people in Europe, and the WSJ called him one of the leading futurists in the world.


When Gerd speaks, it’s not just a presentation; it's a unique, immersive and gripping performance. Gerd’s talks are perfected by thousands of hours of experience in front of a combined audience of over 3.5 million people in 70+ countries. His passionate exploration of our relationship with technology ensures an unforgettable experience for the audience. His extra-wide screen “super-keynote” format is in high demand for large events around the globe. Gerd is also an expert in online speaking and what he has coined

“keynote television”.

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Gerd is the author of five books including his latest work, Technology vs. Humanity. Here, futurism meets humanism in a ground-breaking manifesto of critical observation; exploring the megashifts that will radically alter our society, economy, values, and even our biology. Wherever you stand on the scale between techno-mania, AI, VR, the Singularity or nostalgia for a lost world, this book is sure to challenge, provoke, warn, and inspire you. Available in 12 languages, as ebook, as audio-book and in-print.

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is Gerd's mission.

Gerd likes to say that “The future is already here – we just haven’t paid enough attention yet”!  Many of us are too busy coping with present challenges to explore the future in any real depth – and when we do, our hopes and fears often run away with us, resulting in either utopias or in dystopias. For countless individuals and organizations around the globe, the solution to this challenge means calling upon Gerd Leonhard.  In his latest book  “Technology vs. Humanity”, Gerd reminds every one of us what is at stake as we enter a world increasingly run by machines and algorithms.

A musician by origin, and a digital music pioneer in the 1990s, Gerd connects technology and humanity –algorithms and androrithms – for a 360° coverage of the multiple futures that present themselves at any one time. Gerd Leonhard speaks, coaches, advises, and influences around the world.  “Business as usual is unfit for the future” is one of Gerd’s often-quoted statements, and he believes we must urgently move beyond the outdated focus on profit and growth to what he calls the 4Ps: People, Planet, Purpose, and Prosperity (have a look at this YT playlist!)

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