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The Real Risks of AI – via NewCo Shift (food for thought)

“AGI can be something that we have virtually no understanding or recognition of, but which may have a significant understanding of us if it is given access to the Internet or a significant data repository.

Such a lack of mutual understanding is where all of the real risks reside. This is what should be talking about when we talk about worst case scenarios. We erroneously assume that we will be able to recognize AGI as such.”

The Real Risks of AI – NewCo Shift
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…the coming robot onslaught. Great read via Quartz

“Advances in supercomputers and the understanding of neural networks are combining to create a revolution in robotics, and companies eager for more profitability and cheaper production are ruthlessly grabbing the new technology to automate rote jobs.

Blue-collar workers—forget about it. The robots will kill off the positions of half a million oil-rig hands, up to half the industry’s workforce around the world, along with hundreds of thousands of warehouse employees, Amazon-ized by automated forklifts and other machines. Then there are the drivers—the navigators of taxis and long-haul trucks, who make up some 17% of the adult US work force, adding up to about 7 million people, to be replaced by robot cars if competition from Uber’s roster of of 1.5 million drivers doesn’t put them out of business first. Fast-food workers—the hard-working teens, first-generation immigrants, and return-to-work moms who are the bedrock of burger joints everywhere—are also on the firing line as ordering kiosks begin to take the place of human cashiers.”

No one is prepared to stop the robot onslaught. So what will we do when it arrives?
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Your animal life is over. Machine life has begun. The road to immortality. Great read via the Guardian!

“In his early teens, Koene began to conceive of the major problem with the human brain in computational terms: it was not, like a computer, readable and rewritable. You couldn’t get in there and enhance it, make it run more efficiently, like you could with lines of code. You couldn’t just speed up a neuron like you could with a computer processor.”

‘Your animal life is over. Machine life has begun.’ The road to immortality
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