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Gerd's latest talks on Decarbonisation and Green Futures

Business as usual is dead (BCI Chile, Online, 2022)

Green is the new digital (Brazil, 2022)

Twice upon a time - The Good Future 2030 (my latest film)

The next 10 years: Digitisation, Decarbonisation and Reformation (Inofest 2021)

Green is the new Digital!

Unlocking the Future (virtual keynote at ZWC Vancouver '21)


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Education by 2050 – Transhumanism in education?

via Niamh Ancel 2050: Transhumanism in Education 2050: Future Universities …

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Gerd Leonhard's Keynote: AI & the Future of Business – Fortinet Convergence2023 in Monaco

Fortinet Convergence 23 What an experience! Using 7 LED screens …

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My keynote at Future Tense 2023 in Croatia: Executive Summary and Conclusions

Future Tense 2023 Earlier this year I presented a keynote …

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What to expect in the next 7 years (by 2030) Gerd Leonhard's observations: New Lanzarote Sessions

In this short video, I cover the geopolitical shifts, technological advancements, and an evolving mindset towards sustainability that we can expect by 2030. 1) A Shifting Geopolitical Landscape Significant geopolitical changes that have unfolded over the past few decades. The traditional power dynamics between nations, such as the United States and the Soviet Union, have transformed into a multi-polar system. Countries like Europe, China, India, and Russia are emerging as influential players in global affairs. This transition creates both opportunities for collaboration and painful conflicts that need urgent resolution.

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Gerd Leonhard on The Good Future: Technology & Humanity – June 2023 TEDx Talk in Cluj, Romania: Dubbed in 4 languages!

This is an edited version of my June 10, 2023, TEDx talk in Cluj, Romania, with much improved sound and various oohs and ahs removed using the amazing @Descript app.

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New video: Gerd's keynote on The Good Future – AI and HI, at Capgemini's Spark 2023 Event in California

In this super-wide screen presentation (I call this the super keynote format), I make my argument about why the future is better than we think, and how we can get there

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