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Our ultimate job? To be HUMAN!

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Are you excited, or are you worried? The next 20 years will bring more change than the previous 300 years. Technology is rebooting the very idea of work, how we work, when we work, where we work, and sooner or later why we work.

Computers are no longer stupid. They're watching, they're listening, they're speaking, they're learning… and they may even be thinking! Science fiction is becoming science fact, and the End of Routine is only one of the outcomes.

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Why is behaviour change a better bet than techno-optimism (good read)

Good read here, on why we must balance technological achievements …

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My keynote at the Investforum South Africa, in JoBurg and CPT, with Captions

This is my complete keynote from the Investment Forum 2024 …

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Gerd Leonhard's 2024 UNG HOAG Lecture: AI, Education & Humanity

Virtual LIVE Lecture by Gerd Leonhard, Global Futurist, Presented by …

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Education by 2050 – Transhumanism in education?

via Niamh Ancel 2050: Transhumanism in Education 2050: Future Universities …

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Gerd Leonhard's Keynote: AI & the Future of Business – Fortinet Convergence2023 in Monaco

Fortinet Convergence 23 What an experience! Using 7 LED screens …

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My keynote at Future Tense 2023 in Croatia: Executive Summary and Conclusions

Future Tense 2023 Earlier this year I presented a keynote …

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What to expect in the next 7 years (by 2030) Gerd Leonhard's observations: New Lanzarote Sessions

In this short video, I cover the geopolitical shifts, technological advancements, and an evolving mindset towards sustainability that we can expect by 2030. 1) A Shifting Geopolitical Landscape Significant geopolitical changes that have unfolded over the past few decades. The traditional power dynamics between nations, such as the United States and the Soviet Union, have transformed into a multi-polar system. Countries like Europe, China, India, and Russia are emerging as influential players in global affairs. This transition creates both opportunities for collaboration and painful conflicts that need urgent resolution.

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The great transformation: Our future. My virtual keynote for LinkedIn Latam

New paradigms for a new World

Capitalism as we knew it is unfit for the future

A conversation with Azeem Azhar

On our with/postcorona Future

The Future of Work: Digital Conference with Ross Dawson and Shara Evans

The End of Routine and the Future of Work

Interview with Futurist Gerd Leonhard DOTS2019

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