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Anders Indset



  • The Quantum Economy – A Future Worth Living
  • The Singularity Paradox – Bridging the Gap between Humanity & Artificial Intelligence
  • AI on AI – What ChatGPT and Artificial Intelligence can not (yet) do
  • How Near is Singularity Really?
  • Capitalism – Prosperity for Posterity
  • Beyond Sustainability – The unification of ecology and economy

The Business Philosopher & Technology Evangelist

Anders Indset is a Norwegian-born philosopher, deep-tech investor, and former elite athlete. Recognized by Thinkers50 as one of the most influential thinkers in technology and leadership for the coming years, he serves as a trusted sparring partner and advisor to global leaders and top executives.

With his deep understanding of the implications of exponential technologies, Anders demonstrates how and why leadership and its relation to philosophy are becoming more relevant than ever. He strongly believes that in a world where everyone has almost infinite access to knowledge, deeper understanding and the ability to anticipate future scenarios become the most needed skills for executives, alongside developing interpersonal skills.

As an investor in exponential technologies such as AI, Quantum, Health tech, and Cybersecurity, he brings his ideas to life and supports companies in scaling their products and services. Anders shares his reflections in his “thinking out loud” sessions, ranging from small CxO retreats to large audiences and mega-summits. His broad background and unique, inspiring presentation style make him one of the most sought-after
speakers in today’s world.

The Bestselling Author and Thought Leader

As an author, Indset has written five Spiegel bestsellers, including “Wild Knowledge,” “The Quantum Economy – Saving The Mensch with Humane Capitalism,” “Philosophy@Work,” “Infected Thinking,” and most recently, “The Viking Code.” Additionally, he regularly publishes philosophical-scientific papers such as “Are We Living in a Quantum Simulation?”, “The Nexus Ontology Theory (NOT),” and “What Remains of Us.” Anders Indset is a frequent writer on artificial general intelligence and technological singularity. Together with his distinguished colleague Dr. Florian Neukart, the forthcoming book “Singularity Paradox – Bridging Humanity and AI” (Q1 2025) explores the scientific and philosophical implications of a technological singularity.

The Visionary Doer

As the founder of the investment and consulting firm Njordis, Anders invests in exponential technology companies and supports their scaling. He is also the founder of the executive education company, the Global Institute of Leadership and Technology (GILT), and the Quantum Economy Alliance. Anders views philosophy as a ‘Thinking Practice’, where his
written and spoken words are transformed into action.

The Speaker and Educator

Anders’ unconventional way of thinking, combined with his inspiring and dynamic personality, moves and activates his audience, leaving a lasting impression. His ability to make complex connections understandable, he offers valuable insights into technology, business and practical philosophy. Anders excels at illustrating theoretical concepts with practical examples, encouraging his audience to think critically.

Having delivered lectures in over 60 countries, Anders Indset is currently one of the most sought-after speakers. His expertise in technology, business and practical philosophy is highly valued by companies and organizations seeking forward-thinking and actionable practices.

Indset's international success is based on his ability to accurately analyze current challenges, anticipate future developments of society and technology, and provide well-founded perspectives.

Anders Indset on the Web

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