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Elina Hiltunen. Dr.



  • Keynote speeches about the future (foresight methods, megatrends, trends, consumer trends, weak signals)
  • Strategy and futures consulting
  • Scenario work
  • Weak signal spotting and analyzing
  • Trend reports
  • Futures stories, sci-fi
  • etc.

Dr. Elina Hiltunen – Futurist, Author, D. Sc (business), M.Sc. (chemistry)

Elina Hiltunen is a futurist, D. Sc. (Business administration) from Aalto University, School of Business and M.Sc. (chemical engineering) from Helsinki University of Technology (currently Aalto University, School of Chemical Engineering). Forbes has listed her as one of the 50 leading female futurists in the world. She is an experienced keynote speaker who has delivered hundreds of lectures about various topics on the future in Finland and abroad. She studied at the National Defense University, Finland and wrote her second PhD thesis on how to use science fiction in the foresight process of defense organization. 

Elina has experience working as a futurist at Nokia, Finland Futures Research Centre and Finpro (Finnish Trade Promotion Association). She has also worked as an Executive in Residence at Aalto University, ARTS.

Her company, What's Next Consulting Oy has existed since 2007. As an entrepreneur, she has worked for multiple organizations as a consultant and aims to make organizations prepared for the future.

Elina also owns a publishing company, Saageli , which was founded in March 2021. Saageli publishes Elina's books.

Elina has written/co-written 14 books. Four of them are about the future. One is a science fiction book with seven stories about the future; two of which, were translated into English, and her PhD thesis about weak signals was written in English. 

Elina is also an active columnist in various business and technology magazines, and she has participated in the Finnish Broadcasting company YLE's science-themed TV series. 

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