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Georges T. Roos



  • Artificial Intelligence and Robotics
  • Digital Transformation
  • Education, Training and HR
  • Energy, Utilities and Environment
  • Lifestyle, Trends, and Foods
  • Pharma, Health and Medical
  • Philosophy and Ethics
  • Security, Cybercrime, Privacy
  • Society, Culture and Politics
  • Technology and Humanity
  • Work, Jobs and Employment

As President of Swissfuture (Swiss Association for Futures Studies), I am also committed to futures studies as a discipline.

My core message is: Keep your eye on the big picture! Five major transformations will shape our future in the long term:

  • Artificial intelligence and quantum computing;
  • climate change and the ecological transformation of consumption and the economy
  • geopolitical shifts and upheavals;
  • demographic change;
  • the bio-transformation

Demographic change is still underestimated: a shrinking and ageing Europe faces a rapidly growing and young Africa.

Bio-transformation is “the next big thing” – just as the invention of the steam engine, electrification, petrochemistry or, most recently, digitalization once were.

Synthetic biology, CRISPR and microbiomics are driving a new era.

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