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Has Privacy Become a Luxury Good? Via» by Julia Angwin

Great piece and must-read!

In our data-saturated economy, privacy is becoming a luxury good. After all, as the saying goes, if you aren’t paying for the product, you are the product. And currently, we aren’t paying for very much of our technology. Not long ago, we would have bought services as important to us as mail and news. Now, however, we get all those services for free — and we pay with our personal data, which is spliced and diced and bought and sold.


Those who aren’t bothered by that exchange should keep in mind that our data is used not just for advertisements. It has also been used to charge people different prices based on their personal information. It has been used to provide different search results to different people based on their political interests. It has been used by the government to identify possible criminal and terrorist suspects. Just last week, we learned that the British government had intercepted and archived still images from millions of Yahoo webcam chats around the world, whether or not the participants were suspected of wrongdoing.





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