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Bob Dylan sang ‘The times they are a-changin’… and indeed they’re changing faster than ever before. Some massive structural shifts are taking place and we can expect many more to come. One key trend is that we have reached a pivot point in technology; many things that looked like science fiction ten years ago are actually becoming reality now. If you want to understand the significance of this exponentiality in a digital society, have a look at this short excerpt video from one of my keynote talks.  The Open Internet & Privacy versus Surveillance: Pew Research Center’s latest 15 Theses About The Digital Future points to several scenarios of digital life in 2025. This is a great collection of more hopeful and less hopeful futures, be sure to check it out. Or maybe we should just listen to Ed Snowden’s advice in this must watch TED video and take back the Internet. In this video (embedded below) Snowden is talking via telepresence robot and imho brings home some really important points which I have started to hashtag with #datawars ever since he went public with his revelations. Tim Berners-Lee, one of the fathers of the Internet, joins Ed on-stage and they discuss Tim’s call for an online Magna Carta. This is exactly what I think we should be doing too – in a 2013 post I argued that advertisers should back a Digital Bill of Rights. The telecoms industry is definitely one to watch. Capacity magazine recently interviewed me in this regard; you can read the interview here...


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