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The 10 Countries With The Highest “National Well-Being” (See The U.S. Anywhere?) via FastCoExist

I just ran across this great post on FastCoExist, by Ariel Schwartz.

The U.S. may be at the top of the world’s GDP rankings, but it’s ranked at 16th, behind Ireland, Austria, Switzerland, and a slew of other countries in this year’s Social Progress Index. In 2013, the Social Progress Index (SPI) emerged from a World Economic Forum working group with an ambitious goal: to have social progress ranked as a measure of success alongside GDP. Created by the Social Progress Imperative and Harvard Business School Professor Michael Porter, last year’s inaugural SPI ranked 50 countries on their performance across a number of social and environmental indicators within three dimensions: opportunity, basic human needs, and well-being. This time around, the SPI ranks 132 countries, with some surprising results. The big takeaway: while GDP does correlate with a higher SPI score, it’s only one factor that contributes to “social progress” as defined by these rankings… Take a close look at the index and you can see where GDP stops explaining social progress. Norway, the country with the highest per capita GDP in the rankings, comes in 5th. Meanwhile, New Zealand is at the top of the index, even though its GDP per capita is not even half of Norway’s. It’s a similar story at the bottom of the rankings, where Chad (GDP 1870.36 per capita) finishes dead last and Liberia (GDP 559.71) finishes 13th from the bottom…

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And here is a nice video on the SPI (social progress imperative)  Pic above is from this video






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