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What’s a futurist and how can I get a job like that? (nice piece via the Sydney Morning Herald)

Personally, I would offer the explanation that most of my work is about this old Poincare quote: “Logic proves Intuition discovers”…  But here are my fav snippets from the SMH piece (bold emphasis added by me):

Think of us as “now-ists” not futurists, says fellow futurist John Naisbitt… An IBM alumnus, former White House apparatchik and author of the best sellingMegatrends, Naisbitt says he’s in the information collecting game – from newspapers, the internet, books, publications and on-the-ground. “What we really do is monitor carefully what is going on right now,” Naisbitt says. “The future does not drop out of the sky, it is the consequence of millions and millions of decisions that are made today. The better the understanding of what is going on right now, the better we can anticipate mainstream developments…  Fujitsu’s man of the future is director of foresight for the international business division, David Gentle… “I always have to disappoint people by pointing out I can’t predict the future – if I could, would I be working?” Gentle says. “Nobody can. What you can do is look at changes that are going on around and apply judgment to tease out implications. “Most importantly, question the assumptions you operate under – are they still relevant or are they holding you back?” “A futurist can transcend the noise of internal politics and myopia and see things others may otherwise miss or be unwilling to see,” trend expert Michael McQueen says. Sometimes they’re roped in to bolster the position of an executive who’s having trouble persuading their troops to come along for the ride. “This is the case when a leader can see what needs to be done but people won’t take heed ‘til an external expert comes in and says the same thing the leader has been saying for months…

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Watch this video to see what Dr. James Canton and me discuss on ‘what a futurist does'





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