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Gerd Leonhard latest finds, resources and inspirations: Newsletter # 6 / 2015

  • Last week, I wrote a new piece for CNN Money on the consequences of over-connectivity. I would love your take and feedback on my key message: “It's no longer just about connecting people. It's also about what happens once they are connected”
  • Ten Tech Trends to Watch in Africa – via the World Economic Forum “The year 2015 will see a move towards futurism among African intellectuals, with avant-garde artists and writers anticipating Africa’s forthcoming acceleration in their works”
  • Google Cabs and Uber Bots via  “Uber, and more broadly the app-driven labor market it represents, is at the center of what could be a sea change in work, and in how people think about their jobs. You may not be contemplating becoming an Uber driver any time soon, but the Uberization of work may soon be coming to your chosen profession”
  • A great, must-read NYT piece on the cost of paying attention: “And just as clean air makes it possible to breathe, silence makes it possible to think” (jives well with my CNN piece 😉


  • Ten Emerging Trends from WEC – From ‘sense and avoid drones' to neuromorphic technology.
  • Your Lawyer May Soon Be an Algorithm from Motherboard  “The kind of roles AI could take over in law are evident, and computers have already carved a niche in some tasks. The most obvious are routine tasks like combing through documents—something a human’s eyes and brain find tiresome after a while but a computer has no problem with”  (not sure I agree 100%, here, but the points are well-presented)
  • A great read on how Silicon Valley shapes our future, via Thomas Schulz / Der Spiegel “In Silicon Valley, a new elite is forming that wants to determine not only what we consume, but also the way we live. They want to change the world, but they don’t want to accept any rules. Do they need to be reined in?”


Finally, here's a short and powerful video that serves as a reminder on what really matters, above all: human happiness.  Watch: DIS CONNECT from Doug Hindson on Vimeo.

PS:  above is the image I started using for the locked screen on my iPhone, reminding myself to not forget what is happening around me 🙂  Download via Molly McLeod





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