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New opinion piece on CNN Money: “the disturbing consequences of ultra-connectivity” (Gerd Leonhard)

CNN Money just published a new opinion piece penned by me, and edited by Alanna Petroff, in connection with their Mobile World Congress Barcelona coverage. Here are some of the most crucial snippets:

Smartphones and mobile devices have given each of us a ‘second brain,' allowing us to navigate new cities without getting lost and speak fluently in different languages. These devices, which have made our lives increasingly convenient, are soon going to shift from our pockets to our inner bodies — think iris overlays and brain implants — making us more networked and connected than ever before. Clearly, the irresistible, joys and conveniences of mobile connectivity are too many to list, and avoiding them is surely an exercise in futility.  Yet, in the near future, I predict a string of disturbing, unintended consequences will start to let the air out of this inflated, hyper-connected bubble… Ubiquitous connectivity and exponential improvements to technologies, such as artificial intelligence, are becoming akin to nuclear power. The technology is very promising and beneficial, but once deployed, if something goes wrong, we have no idea how to stop it. It is becoming abundantly clear that without global, enforceable standards that determine what is permitted and what is banned, we will encounter frequent meltdowns — or ‘data Fukushimas.

Read on… and comment if you'd like.

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