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A short podcast on the future of jobs: STEM and HECI (humanity, ethics, creativity, imagination)

I just added a new ad-hoc podcast on the future of work and jobs on my Audioboom channel. This is a hugely important topic that will need some major attention from governments, corporations, SMEs and the entirely educational system.

My key message: automation and robotization will dramatically and exponentially i.e ‘gradually then suddenly alter the work/jobs/education and training landscape – and this time job loss and technological unemployment is real i.e. it is not going to be counter-balanced by sufficient new jobs or a global wave of entirely new employment opportunities, especially for lesser-skilled workers. Having said that, there is a way forward once we accept that the very concept of work and ‘working for a living' is changing.

On my speaking engagements, I often get asked what jobs our kids should consider (and train for). Here is my reply: I believe there are essentially 2 key opportunity-sectors in the near future while pretty much everything else might turn out to be less promising (as it usually can be automated or virtualized by intelligent machines):

1) Jobs in STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) – in particular data science, artificial intelligence, interface design, cognitive computing, bio-engineering etc. This goes without saying, of course – in a world run by technology, job opportunities in STEM will explode.

2) Jobs in the HECI sectors. This a new term I created for this purpose (as I am prone to do): humanity, ethics, creativity and imagination. In particular, this will be ‘jobs' or rather, workupations as I call them, such as digital ethics experts, privacy advocates, creativity coaches, forecasters and futurists, chief imaginators, human-machine supervisors, therapists and coaches of any kind, cooks (but only on the top level), storytellers (kA brand designers), craftspeople, artists and other creators,  and many more.

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Any, as usual, some related images on this topic

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gradually then suddenly gerd leonhard speaker

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