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Advertising Cannot Maintain the Internet. Here’s the “Secret Sauce” Solution. Via Evonomics and David Brin

“Andrew Keene asserts in The Internet is not the Answer, our vaunted digital connections aren’t serving average folk. His complaint can be summarized:

1. Security flaws are unraveling our ability to trust internet processes.

2. Many elites who formerly were daunted by the Net’s empowerment of individualism – especially leaders of non-democratic nations — now view it as a tool of control.

3. The online world is rife with new forms of addiction, for which humans have few immunities.

4. The advertising model for how to pay for just about every service online is flawed, cumbersome, invasive and unsustainable over the long run.”

Advertising Cannot Maintain the Internet. Here's the “Secret Sauce” Solution. – Evonomics
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