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New Podcast: riveting audio conversation with Futurists Calum Chace and Gerd Leonhard: AI, the Singularity, the Future of Humans and Machines

Calum Chace and me don't agree on many issues – I'm a humanist and Calum is a science fiction writer and AI advocate.  Having said that I really love talking to him, debating these replay mind-boggling issues with him. Listen to this podcast or download it for later. I think you'll enjoy it!  Please note there's a 3 second hick-up in the beginning where the recording has paused… apologies and please ignore:)

gerd Leonhard and calum chace podcast. m4a file 16 MB

Calum's great books are here

Mine are here; and of course ‘Technology vs Humanity' can be reviewed here.

Calum and me will offer a keynote / discussion package very soon – you can book both of us to more this conversation to a live stage:). Contact The Futures Agency office for more details, here.





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