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The age of surveillance capitalism: are we pawns or chess-players?

This post was co-produced with Peter Van

Both The Guardian and The Baffler published a book review of Zuboff's latest book The Age of Surveillance Capitalism”.  The Guardian posits that humans are becoming the pawns of the corporate and government surveillance state:

“Surveillance capitalism, run as the code for everyday life, erases both free will and free markets…The litany of appropriated experiences is repeated so often and so extensively that we become numb, forgetting that this is not some dystopian imagining of the future, but the present”

The Baffler has an excellent, long and very deep review by Evgeny Morozov of Zuboff's latest book, as well. In 10 chapters, he shares his insights on how we are being ‘programmed by capitalism'

“Managerial capitalism” hunted and automated the body; “surveillance capitalism” hunts and automates the mind… One company did make billions from the countercultural rhetoric of individual empowerment and self-determination, exhorting all of us to “think different”—preferably while paying for its expensive products”

It seems that everyday more unethical practices, and intended as well as non-intended results of surveillance are revealed. While this is very good for increasing awareness, what is very much still lacking is a well articulated and actionable narrative that can rally us towards a better world, a world fuelled by technology but based on humanistic principles.





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