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Team Human vs Team AI: when Rushkoff meets Morozov

Guest post by The Futures Agency curator Peter Van

Rushkoff has a new book – “Team Human” – and confronts the promises of artificial intelligence with the need to understand and reframe the values implicit in technology.

“Human beings are not the problem. We are the solution”

“To a hammer, everything is a nail. To AI, everything is a computational challenge.”

Doug also addresses the “Solutionism” culture of Silicon Valley (everything is a problem that can be solved by an app). In that way, Rushkoff meets Morozov halfway:

“To many of the developers and investors of Silicon Valley, however, humans are not to be emulated or celebrated, but transcended or — at the very least — reengineered. These technologists are so dominated by the values of the digital revolution that they see anything or anyone with different priorities as an impediment. This is a distinctly antihuman position, and it’s driving the development philosophy of the most highly capitalised companies on the planet.”


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