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Many conferences and events will move 100% online this year: a new era for speakers, agencies and brands is dawning!

Real-life events will come back when they can (no telling as to when exactly that will happen – but I think it'll be in the fall), but in meantime it's all about exploring new ways to meet. While no online conference will ever be a real substitute for making those all important human, face-to-face connections (never mind the doughnuts and the beers), we must face reality and adapt to the restrictions that covid19 (and soon, a serious C02 tax on flights) is imposing on us. Getting more involved in 100% digital events has been long overdue, anyhow – both for me and my company (The Futures Agency), as well as for the many agencies we work with, and of course our 800+ global clients. Hence, our first conference will be THIS WEEK March 12 – almost 500 people have already signed up, and we will announce some additional panelists tomorrow, as well. The topic: Sustainability and the Future of Capitalism (nope, we don't often tackle easy topics:).

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