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2020 speaking topics

Barry Schwartz #mustread on efficiency and why ‘too much of a good thing can be a very bad thing’

The term used to describe this approach to decision-making is satisficing. And satisficing with an eye toward a radically uncertain future might be called robust satisficing. Satisficing is a form of insurance – insurance against financial meltdowns, global pandemics, nasty bosses, boring teachers and crappy roommates. Insurance can seem stodgy – like the guy who wears a belt and suspenders. Perhaps we don’t need both, but what happens if we have neither?

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Announcing a new speaking topic: A FUTURIST’S CASE FOR TECH REGULATION

The adage “too much of a good thing can be a very bad thing” is true for most things that might cause us harm but that we enjoy, regardless - be it food, coffee or alcohol. Yet right now, this obvious need for responsibility and balance is particularly glaring when we consider our exponential technological progress and the increasingly dominant (some would say monopolistic) behaviour of the world’s leading tech giants

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2021 will bring the Great American Pivoting

under a new and decidedly more coherent political leadership, America will once again rise to a responsible and reliable global player fuelled by technology, and this will commence in early 2021.

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